Higher Education Advisory Service


Higher Education Advisory Service

Higher Education Advisory Service, (HEAS) is a Netherlands based NGO aimed at providing advice and training for all those institutions and companies that are engaged in the process of improving Higher Education.

It is a new organization with old experience.

Mission statement.
HEAS wants to contribute to reaching the Millennium Development Goals and to encourage economic development in a sustainable way. The future leaders of government and companies are moulded in the Higher Education sector.

The countries in development generally are rich in potential and poor in knowledge and skills on how to use this potential.

A better trained higher educated workforce will help in developing and managing ways of increasing utilization of the potential of these countries.

HEAS is most recently (1996 – 2007) experienced in the Mekong region and in particular in YunnanChina, and in Vietnam.  HEAS experts are or have been engaged in Higher Education projects in particular in Vietnam, China, Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand, but as well as in many countries in the development world.

The master said:

“to learn and at due times to repeat what one has learnt, is that not after all a pleasure? That friends should come from afar, is this not after all delightful?”
from the Analects, Confucius,

Activities carried out or under preparation are in all parts of the project cycle such as identification, preparation, implementation and evaluation. Training is of course a basic activity for us educators.

It is in these fields that HEAS can contribute to your development.

With 35 years of experience in world wide cooperation in Higher Education, HEAS advisors can assist you in those aspects that help the universities to produce better graduates. Better for the development of the country and better for their self-development.

HEAS has a host of experienced university level educators that are able and willing to travel to your country in some cases, for low costs, as they already receive their retirement benefits. They can come with the knowledge and experience your university needs.

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